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  • Drafting/Review/Revision of Agreements

    $150/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I am an experienced attorney (NY) with years of experience in major law/accounting firms (such as KPMG). I have successfiully handled cases mostly relating to commerce or investment, cases are usually...

    Cohabitation AgreementsCollective AgreementsCorporate AgreementsDraftingMarketing Agreements
  • Translation

    $100/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    As an experienced attorney that handles cross-boarder cases, I am very familiar with translating documents to my clients, either from English to Chinese or Chinese to English. It is very important that...

    Chinese LanguageChinese TranslationEnglish LanguageLegalLegal Documents


Professional and sophisticated services for clients with budget concerns

Greetings to my potential clients!

I am Chris who is currently based in Taiwan as my home town. To brief, I am now an e-commerce entrepreneur and an experienced business/banking/finance attorney (NY). Prior to becoming those, I used to live and was educated in the finest institutions of Switzerland, the UK, and the US for about 15 years or so.

Due to the fascination of American fashion, I have decided to become an entrepreneur, but while I was still a practicing attorney and for your references, I have:

1. Advised and negotiated with client on a million US dollar worth of M&A transaction (reverse triangular merger) involving various jurisdictions (US, Europe, and Taiwan).
2. Advised and negotiated with client on a joint venture transaction pertaining to the investment in the third party payment market in China that involves shareholders of various jurisdiction (Samoa, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan).
3. Advised and negotiated with client on a joint venture transaction pertaining to the government procurement in Jordan involving shareholders of various jurisdiction (Middle East, Hong Kong, and Taiwan).
4. Advised and negotiated with client on acquiring or being acquired by certain German companies.
5. Assisted a client with its cross-boarder company restructuring involving Cayman Island, US., and Taiwan.
6. Advised and negotiated with clients on financing transactions, such as PE fund (assisted both GPs or LPs) or aircraft financing (loan syndication).
7. Assisted clients with various other issues, such as cross-border inheritance intertwined with corporate matters involving various jurisdictions (Germany, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan) or negotiation with the labor issues involving criminal elements (embezzlement or trespassing).

I hope the foregoing is of useful references, and please feel free to let me know if there is any question and I will be very happy to answer them. Thank you for reading : )

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