Christopher Viola

Cortona, Toscana, Italy

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Christopher Viola

Excel Access Word VBA Macro Expert, Web Developer HTML5 CCS3 PHP MySQL

I'm a full stack developer with 4+ years of experience in both desktop and web environment.

I can design websites and web pages in HTML5 and PHP, with CSS3 styling and SQL/MongoDB connectivity. I have a strong grasp of javascript and its main library jQuery with which I usually integrate websites.
I have a deep knowledge of Wordpress and I can not only make websites with it but also create custom/child themes and plugins.
I have good familiarity with Twitter Bootstrap and Initializr for mobile first/fluid layouts.

I have a 360° degree understanding of LAMP or WAMP stacks and I also have a CISCO certification regarding networks in general. I can code SOAP and REST web services or API with different approaches as web application, apache modules or standalone software.

I'm used to develop desktop applications in C++ and Delphi. I have some experience also in C#. I can code in both procedural style or Object Orientend way (OOP). I have a strong knowledge of algorithmic programming and most known design patterns like MVC, Singleton and a few more. I know the QT libraries and the SDL libraries.

I'm an expert in MS Office automation with VBA, especially in Excel and Access. I can successfully design any workbook, database, user form or macro that you will need. I'm experienced also with data extraction from textual file formats and data manipulation.

I have a good experience in automating windows using automation software like AutoHotKey.

I have experience also in programming embedded system both with C and assembler (Z80, PicMicro, 8086, R4000). My high school diploma lends me also quite some skills in electronic and telecommunications which I improved during one work experience of 18 months in a eletronic board factory.

I have developed some games mostly for fun and in my free time using Unity and also some with Phaser. Being a game dev was my dream since elementary school :).