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  • Website Design/Development

    $33/hr Starting at $99 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I always mistook design and development for one another. So I ended up some what learning both. When is comes to building a website you have to develop the flow, the environment, and the content. You...

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I started the Crumblepaper company. I am the hands of it's customers and thestaple of its reputation.

Crumblepaper Inc. was founded October 17th, 2019. Prior to the start of the company I have worked many jobs, but always keeping my passion for creating websites in the background since 2010. Throughout all of those jobs including my last as a Corrections Office. I ran a sole proprietorship repairing computers, teaching foreigners and elders how to use computers, and smartphones and you guessed it - creating websites.

What makes my process unique is that I have always been on a shoe string budget, but I have also invested massive amounts of money over the years into this passion. I almost started a datacenter at one point - maybe in the future. Anywho learning how to use a little to make alot is one of my greatest advantages.

I've tinkered with different source codes, platforms, and CMS brands, but over all these years WordPress has stood the honest test of time. Out of all the code I purchased and invested in - WordPress has overcome them all.

With this tool we can build ANYTHING. You want apps and a website? WordPress. You want a private social community with an app and a website? WordPress. You want to make an experimental game hiding painted rocks around the world - WordPress. (This is actually a real thing that is highly profitable - side project

So, this is a new company, yes. I am not ashamed of that. You want to know the company history? Come be apart of the next chapter.

As the only person working for the company currently I am dedicated to starting this company on the best foot forward.

Founded: 2019

Work Terms

I will complete your project. I will not take on projects where the end result can't be determined or explained. I will charge you at the best price, but I must sustain this company on mockups, and excellence. If you ask me for something later on during the project that we did not discuss up front I must bill you.