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Pasadena, California, United States

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coderWil - William Seiter

I don't just want you satisfied... I want your loyalty and trust. Let me show you why you will not hesitate to give it to me.

I am a Senior Web Programmer/Developer who enjoys a fast and friendly pace
where the work gets done and everyone enjoys what they are doing.
I work and adapt welI to most organizational formats. I enjoy working with small teams of
programmers, I enjoy doing solo jobs and I also enjoy large consortiums of developers where
ideas are as diverse as the backgrounds and skills are. I weigh my programming productivity
with good SEO/site marketing and future expansion goals, while always keeping an eye on
the 'bottom line'.
I have worked with internet languages for over 14 years, during which time I have created
and maintained many high-level websites for a variety of different clients and companies.
From non-profit organizations to multimillion a month internet companies. From simple
billboard style websites to banking institutions needing multiple layers of security in both the
application as well as the environment where it is created in.
I have found great enjoyment and life enrichment everywhere I have gone.
Specialties: Knowing the basics of programming principles has given me the capability of
staying flexible in my programming languages, my main middle tier language is ColdFusion.
I have found ColdFusion to be a very flexible language that adheres to the needs of business,
and can be truly structured to meet the needs of the technology team.
Web development languages: CSS, AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, ColdFusion, PHP, …
Database Administration: SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, …
Usability: SEO and SEM optimization as well as Section 508 standards where required.