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  • Creative Writing
  • Lesson Plan Writing
  • Screenwriting
  • Curriculum Design
  • Screen & Script Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Writing



Your one stop sho...

Welcome to your one stop sho...

Scratch that, one stop shops are just code for "Come in and take a look around! Everything in here is just meh."

Here are the things I do well:

1. Scripts (screenplays, sketches, explainer videos, etc.)
2. Documentation for education (lesson plans, curriculum, etc.)
3. Comedy Writing (broad comedy, satire, snark-filled tirades, etc.)

With all that being said, my main goal is to produce quality work for YOU. If interviewed, you can expect me to ask a ton of project-specific questions right away. Why? Because not being on the same page is a nightmare scenario for the both of us.

You should also know that I'm quite a stickler for deadlines, so I like to have a very clear idea of when you'd like the material delivered. It's beneficial for you, but it also allows my bed to know when I'll come home to rest. It gets jealous seeing me spend lots of late nights at my desk.

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