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  • 5-Star Content Writing

    $10/hr Starting at $35 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I've written 50+ 4- and 5-star rated ebooks for clients all over the world, on topics ranging from weight loss/fitness to bear survival and raised-bed gardening. I'm a faster learner and have a great...

    Content WritingeBooksWriting
  • Quality Copy-Editing and Proofreading

    $10/hr Starting at $35 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Whether you need a fresh, trained set of eyes to go over your final draft before publishing, or you need intense constructive criticism to evolve your work to the next level, I'm the one you need to talk...

    CopyeditingEditingEnglish GrammarEnglish LanguageEnglish Punctuation


Quality first. All work done as though it were my own, stamped with my name. I will treat your works like the precious babies you see them to be; Uncle Cody to the rescue! :P

Back in school, my English teachers knew I had a certain special talent. I got easy A's and the IQ tester placed my English ability at the 99th percentile (the top 1%). Since then, I have written 50+ ebooks for clients all over the world, all ranking at an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon.I have also copy-edited fiction paranormal romances and non-fiction (supposedly) books for pick-up artists, developed an entire text-based choicescript game, earned a rising star award writing for WikiHow, have written a handful of short-story collections self-published on Amazon, have a blog with nearly 10k followers, and am currently working on writing/programming a dating sim.

I'm a fast study and have a strong propensity for condensing knowledge into a book that feels casual and relaxed rather than overwhelming and uptight. I also have a particular eye for character, plot, and word choice when it comes to fiction. I'm a man of a great many interests, but with almost enough discipline and focus to study them all!

Work Terms

Flexible working hours, open to full 8+ hour days if required. Prefer prompt payment after approval of work. $10/hr and/or no less than $35 budget for a project.

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