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  • Anime/Manga style illustrations

    $15/hr Starting at $25


  • Fantasy/Medieval Illustrations

    $15/hr Starting at $25

    Here are my recent Fantasy Illustrations of imaginary characters, on that I work with digital painting and I focus more on designing and drawing human character.

    Adobe PhotoshopArtDigitalDigital ArtDigital Painting


I am an artist and illustrator. I work with digital painting in following styles:
- Anime/Manga and Cartoon (cell shading and Painterly styles).
- Semi-realism, mostly fantasy, medieval and sci-fi.

In my work I prioritize quality of work and and maintain clear and constant communication.

Brief history about my art career:
I have loved drawing and making arts since I was a kid. Attended several local art school and drawing courses during my years in high school. I started working as an artist in 2008, during these years I illustrated several books (links in my portfolio), worked on illustrations for games and websites. One of my remarkable job was a serie of portraits illustrations for a classic pc game Age of Mythology EE.

I graduated at Universidade Federal Fluminense in 2011, obtained Master's degree in Math PUC-Rio in 2014 and Ph.D in 2017. During my academic years, I worked as past time teacher and teaching assistant. Currently I work on scientific research and I am also looking for opportunities on local universities.

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