Energodar, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Ukraine

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Bash, Python, HTML5, CSS3, TwitterBootstrap, NLTK, Flask, PostgreSQL, Redis, XPATH, Ninja2, Scrapy

Key achievements:

• Started to write programs in 1992?for scientific digital calculator MK-61. It was 104 directives sequence but it's in charge to calculate 100! in a couple hours. Soon it was ZX Spectrum as a primitive document editor. i486 was extraordinary fast;

• At the autumn of 1995?I've started to studying Data Science and Automation in naval college;

• In 2000?took a conclusion what OS Windows have no any service in my country at all;

• In 2005?I've bought i686 and install Ubuntu on it. It was a reckless to use Linux. It's a completely different philosophy. Non obvious approach. I'm proud of it;

• By sequential studying bash, HTML, CSS, Emacs, Python, MySQL in 2008 ?deployed first web application utilizing Google App Engine features;

• In 2009?started to work as a freelancer at oDesk;

• In 2012?studied PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services and started to use it in the current project development;

• 2013?NoSQL was discovered;

• 2014?further self education by means Coursera;

• 2014 - 2015?big data processing technology study: data processing modelling with Apache Hadoop, Spark and MapReduce.


• 2009 - 2015?electrician on local nuclear power plant;

• Freelance:

? 2009 – 2014? full stack Python web application developer;

? data gathering: scraping and up-to-dating;

? data processing: aggregating, sorting, sifting, cleaning;

? data visualization: user interface design development;

scientist: sentiment analysis, summarizing;

? 2014 ?natural language processing

? 2015? data scientist: consulting services.

Personal skills:

? capable to learn joyfully and fast;

? accuracy;

? persistent attention to details;

? utilizing persevering and patient approach.

Personal:? music, BBC documentaries and WB cartoons.

Work Terms

I prefer to work not much than 5 hours daily. It is a most individual productivity reasonable.

It would be nice to collaborate, sir.