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Lincoln, California, United States

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CREO Design and Production

Design, Prototyping, and Manufacturing Specialist

I will be your best path forward and best cost based on my proficiency in design and follow through to manufacturing. My strengths include: - Merging my creativity with practicality so the product is sell-able. - Design for manufacturing from the beginning and fast prototyping options. - I'm partnered with an injection molding facility. This gives me unprecedented speed and allows me to do follow-through without the awkward hand off that normally occurs when a customer is left on their own for advanced prototyping and production. - Communication skills are critical to allow more coordination. Cost savings are: - Cost of engineering usually amounts to about 14% of the cost of tooling for manufacturing. My manufacturing partnerships will save a significant amount. The tooling costs are by far your most expensive item in doing a complete project; by keeping these costs comparatively low the overall price will b

Work Terms

The following guidelines are optional steps that are frequently taken in product design situations. Not all steps are needed in all cases, however this is the general path towards project completion. I'm a full-service engineer capable of taking this all the way to completion. 1 – Conceptual process Some customers already have this part done. If this step is needed it usually requires brainstorming and marketing research (2 weeks) 2 – Initial CAD designs The purpose is to establish a starting concept in 3D design that the customer and engineer agree on (1 week) 3 – Refined CAD modeling The design takes on more character and final shape (1 week) 4 – Prototyping Using a variety of options depending on the purpose, shape, and size of the product, this will provide confidence in moving to the next phase (2 days – 1 week) 5 – Pre-production Tooling Use of aluminum injection mold tools allows early production versions of the parts to