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  • Blogging

    $20/hr Starting at $50

    My specialty. I pride myself on my ability to consistently produce top-quality articles and posts, as well as my genuine enthusiasm for interacting with the community. I have the most experience writing...

    Article MarketingArticle WritingBlog WritingBloggingBlogosphere
  • Article and Feature Writing

    $25/hr Starting at $25

    I love article writing, which is why I go out of my way to ensure that anything I sign my name to is as well-researched, well-written, and well-edited as possible. My articles are consistently praised...

    Article WritingFeature WritingSEOWriting
  • Photography

    $30/hr Starting at $30

    I don't use this one very often on job sites. ...You know, since it requires me to be physically present. However, it's always useful to list. If nothing else, I like to let my clients know that I...



I write about the creative industries.

I’m a full-time freelance writer, currently serving as the head writer for vUnity, a Los-Angeles-based nationwide ISP.

As you may have guessed from my tagline, I specialize in blogging and ghostwriting, and in the past, my work has appeared on WooThemes, WPExplorer, WPMayor, CustomButtonsCo, and CreativeMarket’s blogs. I also contribute semi-regularly to Rivet Gig ( and Nerd Underground ( My personal blog, where I write about all things webcomicy, can be found at

I'm also studying persuasive copywriting, and I do a little on the side, mostly sales pages and brochures.

Work Terms

But enough about me. What can I do for you, I hear you think?

I can make boring topics interesting, and explain complicated concepts in simple terms. I can put forth both sides of an argument without bias, or create a passionate persuasive article, if the situation calls for it. I can quickly learn about and adapt to new topics, even ones I’m unfamiliar with. My work is thorough, well-researched, and always proofread.

In short, I can make your business sound great.

I like to work closely with my clients, so if you’re interested in hiring me, we’ll probably end up communicating through email or Skype. I also like to run drafts by them just to make sure they’ll be satisfied with the end result, so rest assured you won’t have anything to lose. However, I also try to complete assignments with a minimum of hassle and delay, preferring to do research on my own time.

And for the quality of work I’ll deliver, I think you'll find my prices fair. So shoot me a message, and we’ll make something great together.