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  • C
  • Embedded
  • Arduino
  • Arm
  • Basic
  • Bluetooth
  • C++
  • Eclipse
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Linux
  • MySQL
  • PCB Design
  • PHP
  • Pic

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  • Electronic Engineer

    $12/hr Starting at $25

    Development of Electronic devices. Programming in many programation languages: C/C++, Java, php, javascript, phython, basic. OS: Windows, Linux. IDE's: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Qt. Knowledge of GTK,...



My mission is Use Technological Breakthroughs to Give Effective Solutions to My Customers.I will make my best efforts to present the best possible solution. Software & Hardware Development

I´m graduate in Electronic al Engineer. I´ve worked on several projects:
* Communication Card using modem Bell 202 for Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) in Modbus Protocol, Intel´s CPU 8031. ORCAD
* Electronic device for Gate´s control, for Electrical Generation in Guri Dam, company Edelca. ORCAD
* Apps for PLC, ladder language, Allen Bradley (AB) PLC5, SLC500, Contrologix, Oil&Gas Company PDVSA
* Apps for PLC, List of Instruction, Siemens S5, Food Company Polar
* Configuration Man Machine Interface (MMI) Pannel View, AB
* Configuration of SCADA System FIX of Intellution, RSView and Factory Talk of Rockwell Software
* Software for schedule of Automatic Oil Well Test using API Lotus Notes and interfaz for PLC Allen Bradley, OPC (Ole for Process Control)
* Application standard for GasLift
* Software for automatic configuration for Oil Well location in Excel and AB PLC, Using Visual Basic for Aplication (VBA), OPC
* Software of Bank Interface of cellphone platform Movilnet, Active Server Page (ASP), Microsot SQL Server
* Development of Flow Computer CF3000 Hardware and Software; CPU Motorola, CPU Rabbit, Languages C, Java, HTML; Modbus Protocol; Algorithm: AGA3 (Gas Flow Medition using orifice plate), AGA 7 (Gas Flow Medition using turbine), AGA8 (Correction of Volume for gas component)
* Development of Electronic device for protocol conversion Modbus - HART, CPU Renesas. CAD: Altium DXP
* Apps for Programmable Automation Controler PAC3000 using embedded device Moxa, Linux, Language C/C++/Python. Ladder Editor, Ladder interpreter. Modbus communication.
* Development of Application for Turbine Callibration Laboratory for PDVSA. CF3000. Application for PC in Debian, database Postgress, PHP, AJAX, C/C++
*- Control System for Gasoline Dispenser. CPU PIC. Language C, Java, HTML, CGI, RFID
* Control System for Dispenser and Pay systems (POS) credit and debit card. Embedded Device Beaglebone. Language Python.
* Vending Machine & POS, using Raspbery, Linux, Python. GSM dongle