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  • API
  • Datapower
  • Esb
  • Network Architect
  • Network Security
  • OAuth
  • Rest
  • Restful
  • Saml
  • Security
  • Soap
  • WebSphere
  • XML
  • XSLT


  • DataPower engineer

    $75/hr Starting at $600 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    DataPower expertise and network security architect. Configure WebSphere DataPower XG45/XI51/XB62 and/or create xslt transfomation to set new functionality on it. Instalation and initial configuration...

    APIDatapowerEsbNetwork ArchitectNetwork Security


Very motivated and hard-working security architect seeking freelance jobs. Fairly perfectionist and selfimposed, with a great imagination, able to find alternatives solutions.

I'm a telecommunication engineer (5 years degree), and I always worked with big and complex infrastructures. Also from the beginning I have been working with DataPower.
Briefly, before my freelance adventure, I worked on Telefónica (one of the biggest telco in the world). On there, we used DataPower to much for SLA (Service Level Agreement) and format conversion.
In the DGT (a governmental organization), was used more like a B2B gateway and cryptographic appliance, we used it to verify and create digital signature, to act as TLS server, to manage SSO (Single Sign On) with LTPA token, etc. but others characteristics was used as well.
Finally, in El Corte Inglés (the biggest store group in Europe) it's used as security gateway and also as API gateway. So we have a huge of tasks related with the security, besides of common certificate uses, we work with OAuth and SAML tokens.
Furthermore, I worked with others appliances, such as firewall, DNS and more, so I acquire a global view of the security architecture, which it is very useful in the daily work.

Work Terms

Initially interested only to work in Europe. Outside Spain, the project have to have a duration of at least one month.
If possible, I prefer to be contact firstly by e-mail.