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  • Mechanical Design Engineer

    $50/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I have been in manufacturing now for ten years; the first eight years I spent building assemblies, quality processes and programs, and tool design. The last five years I have been working as a Mechanical...

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Mechanical Design Engineer

I am a design engineer working on the development of a UTV. I design linkage systems, cabling systems, sheet metal parts, plastics and weldments.
I started out building assemblies. I then transferred to the quality assurance team and became a machinist inspector, an assembly inspector. I then began to design quality assurance programs to boost the companies’ quality rating. As the need arose I began to take over the programming of CMM’s and portable CMM’s, after the need then rose I took a position as the CMM focal.
I was an Aviation mechanic in training, I worked for the substance abuse program as a administrator.

Work Terms

Preferred to be contacted by email, and work on an hourly bases.