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  • Recruiting
  • Human Resources Consulting (HR)
  • Business Development
  • Corporate Recruiting
  • Human Resources Management (HR)
  • Internet Recruiting
  • Job Design
  • Organizational Design
  • Sales Hiring


  • Predict the Liklihood of Job Success

    $35/hr Starting at $200 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Hiring is risky! The chance of hiring a poor performer is greater than you think and the costs to your business more than you realise. We are Harrison Assessments Solutions Partners. This outstanding...

    Corporate RecruitingHuman Resources Consulting (HR)Human Resources Management (HR)Internet RecruitingJob Design
  • Hiring: Distributed Organizations

    $100/hr Starting at $500 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    We are experienced in the recruitment of independent business consultants and associates for franchise and business support and development organisations. We focus our search and screening using the...

    Business DevelopmentRecruitingSales Hiring


We help organisations predict job success and identify top performers, when recruiting new employees, or developing existing staff and teams.

We are passionate about the people factor in business! It is impossible for people to perform and be engaged at work, if they do not enjoy what they do.

We are Harrison Assessments Solutions Partners based in the UK.

Harrison Assessments is an amazing "talent analytics" tool, that matches individual talents and behavioural preferences, with the needs and challenges of particular jobs. When these factors are in balance, the employee is three times more likely to be successful.

This has great benefits for engagement, retention and building a successful business for the longer term.

Harrison is used globally by individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises and Large Global Corporations’.

Founded: 2014

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