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  • Google Apps Script
  • JavaScript
  • Google Spreadsheet
  • Gsuite
  • Mailchimp Api
  • Ajax
  • API Development
  • Application Development
  • CSS3
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Game Development
  • Google Apps
  • HTML5
  • jQuery

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I am a Software Engineer with experience in a wide variety of technologies spanning almost a decade.

I started off as a Flash/AS3 developer, where with my computer science background (I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science), I applied OOP concepts and design methodologies (such as Design Patterns) to optimize project work-flow and minimize development time.

Over the last few years I have gradually broadened my skill set, integrating front and back-end tools into my repertoire.

On the client-side I've worked with HTML, CSS, and Javascript extensively, leveraging a number of frameworks and APIs including JQuery (a javascript library) and Twitter BootStrap. Lately I've been exploring several front-end frameworks (such as Angular, and React.js) and I've settled on mastering Google's Polymer; a truly forward thinking framework that fully leverages the capabilities of modern browsers.

On the server-side I have developed and maintained CodeIgnitor (a PHP MVC framework) projects, ferrying data to and from MySQL databases at the behest of AJAX requests coming from the front end. Lately, I've been working heavily with Google's Cloud Platform(GCP) crafting and managing NoSQL databases via REST APIs and language specific client APIs, leveraging Cloud Functions (using Node.js) to create custom APIs and integrations with 3rd party applications and using a myriad of tools across GCP to oversee project infrastructure.

Outside of standard Web Development I am also proficient with Google's GSuite platform (formerly Google Apps) with expertise in App Script and its various service APIs including Google Sheets, Forms, Drive, Calendar, Charts, Gmail etc. In addition, I've developed a Chrome Extension using Google's APIs.

I also dabble in game development with a keen interest in Entity-Component-System architecture.

Damion Murray