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    The Neighborhood Korner is a search engine optimization (SEO), content and social media marketing, lead generation network of Real Estate Brokers & Agents, Mortgage Lenders, General Contractors, Home...

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Social Media that Works!

Traditionally, people do business with someone that has a proven track record and are trustworthy, timely, while providing results time after time. Building a personal brand in the digital age is much more than setting up a LinkedIn or Facebook business page and embellishing on your skill sets.

When I choose to work with someone on any project I carefully weigh my decisions using my extensive research skills to determine if the person I decide to work with will give me the attention that I require.

I am an “immediate results & communication” kind of person. I expect quick communication that is well thought out and implemented for proven results time after time. A definite reality of today is people are searching for you on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to find out what the world of social media saying. This will help solidify their decision to work with you or not. How are you portrayed online?

What does your Personal Brand say about you? What is your perceived value in your marketplace? Everyone already has a perception of you whether we like it or not, so our Personal Brands are already in place. Your goal should be to either live up to your current Personal Brand or change it to fit your needs. Some questions I always ask myself are:

• Do I know what I am doing and am I an expert at the task at hand?

• What will make someone see me as different from other people?

• Do I leave a lasting impression on my perspective client?

• What sets me apart from everyone else?

It is my desire to be the very best SEO guy in the entire country. I know the real estate industry like the back of my hand, have resources to create a powerful and effective communicate that clients understand from beginning to end. My best tactic is to simply compare myself to my own perception of what a good business communicator should be and strive to be better each and every time.

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