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  • Static or Web Map / Cartography

    $20/hr Starting at $25

    I will create a static or interactive map for your presentation or merchandise using your own data or open access data with licenses that allow commercial use. Interactive maps can be hosted at a mapping...

    CartoDBCartographyData ScrapingGISGis Modeling
  • Prepare GIS data for use in CAD

    $20/hr Starting at $25

    I will prepare any GIS data for working in your CAD software in any coordinate system required by you or your own client. If there is no coordinate system, but there is some existing data, I will properly...

    GISSoftware DevelopmentVector Graphics
  • Best new business location or expansion

    $25/hr Starting at $205

    Quick spatial analysis of total addressable market of your new business or business expansion. You will get a series of static maps (or one interactive map) that will show you the reach of your

    AnalyticsBusiness ExpansionBusiness ServicesSales


Spatial Data Analyst / R Programmer

Over the last 6 years I have worked mostly with large scale spatial data sets from various sources. I have successfully built a number of statistical models for interpreting the factors of human mobility - using both traditional and spatial statistics as well as machine learning models. I am also experienced with web scraping. Most of my work is done using R and the source code can be provided if negotiated in contract terms.

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