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  • abe abraham · Dec 14, 2019

    Elaine, Just a quick note both to thank you for the work and also point out a thing or two about the work. Your resume and work sample were spectacular and I wanted to tap into that when I selected you for the assignment to make the document a bit more creative and enjoyable to communicate better without putting the reader to sleep. That did not happen and we did not come even close to that. It is fine, however, because it forced me to look internally to improve the text and I am now a bit more comfortable with the way the text flows after spending a couple of hours on it. For your benefit, there was a duplication of a section and corrections I made and sent back to you did not get incorporated. That is unfortunate. There were a few places where the sentences were incomplete. My initial suspicion is correct in the sense that it really does not appear, in several instances in the document, that it had benefited from your careful review and attention. That is on you to address going forward. And finally, please remember on your next assignment, that this was a FFP (firm fixed price), the customer does not care if it took you ten hours or 100 hours to complete the project which means the price was to get the job done within the agreed upon amount. The comment that you had exhausted the allocated hours is of no consequence. Your job was to deliver acceptable document as agreed to. With all due respect, I paid for A level work and received a C level work output. The push back on new text for incorporation is fine with me. Remember, repeat customer is your best asset so the extra time you put in to create a satisfied customer, will be well worth your effort. I have paid the remaining balance so you should be ok with that. Good luck and Merry Christmas.

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  • abe abraham · Dec 11, 2019

    I will provide feedback upon completion of project.

    for Pilgrimage--A journey into self