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  • 3D Model and Render

    $30/hr Starting at $25

    I realize 3D models and photorealistic Render. I took several photography courses and graduated from the Dublin Academy passing the final exam. This also allowed me to have an eye that is particularly...

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The architect is a craftsman who works for the client. The client decides. The architect has his artistic edge which is not very or in any case declined.

Elena Graziano founded Mock-Up in 2011 after a collaboration at 5+1AA in Genoa (Paris and Milan) and at LGA France (Guillestre) as a draftsman, graphic designer, renderer, model maker in the elaboration of national and international architectural competitions, private and public construction. Our design include interior design, town planning and urban design, landscape design and exhibition design services. She also acts as a court expert in the field of Architecture.

I offer my collaboration as a designer.
The programs I usually use are: Archicad, Autocad, Sketchup, Vray, Timotion, Keyshot, Rhino, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign. I have also worked with Vector Works and Revit.

The work of the designer focuses on the needs of the customer and is aimed at those who have a project and want a graphic return of the technical drawings (plans, sections, elevations, 3d model and render of the internal and external views of the project) both in the field of Architecture and Design.

My interests range from freehand drawing, to oil and watercolor painting, landscape photography and everything related to Architecture, Urban transformations and Design.

I attended, among my various studies, the Academy of Architect Mario Botta in Switzerland, where I had the opportunity to confront the various students and teachers from all parts of the world. In an international climate I was able to follow the unfolding of the discourse of architecture, its history and its evolution seen from different angles. This led me to deepen my interest in languages in particular English and French. Knowledge that I was able to put into practice during the period spent in the LGA design studio in France.

Work Terms

Don't hesitate to contact me even for advice. We will see together the project or the idea that you have and we will focus on the success by initially highlighting that elaborate graphics are needed for the correct representation and the timing for their realization. Eventually, on occasion, revisions may be provided by you during the execution period to make changes during the work and to give the go ahead to the execution. If you already have clear ideas, it will only be a matter of identifying delivery times. However, I recommend that you plan revision sessions on your part so that the project you propose is followed in all its facets and has your correct approval to reach the final project. I just have to wish you good new ideas that will find shape and expression with a good team work. Where order, clean design and simplification and resolution of complex problems are the winning key to your expectations. Ideas of planning, design, graphics. Ideas that can be perfected, magazines, winning ideas. Working even only on part of them you can get to a result, your result, where you want to go. You can visit my website where you will find some of the most significant projects in this regard. The transversality of the sectors addressed and studied allows me to be able to view different sectors. You will decide, choose and choose quality. Quality is a set of multiple characteristics identified primarily by reading your needs, understanding your requests. The closer the project is to your idea, as you have configured it, the more successful we will be.
Good job!
Many times the idea of the Architect is overestimated. In reality, the architect is a craftsman who works for the client. The client decides. The architect has his artistic edge, which is not very or in any case declined.

See you soon for further ideas!

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