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  • Editing
  • Proofreading


  • Editing and Proofreading

    $15/hr Starting at $70

    Very detail oriented when it comes to proofreading, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. I tend to read word for word and not skim through things. I have not done editing or proofreading as a...

  • Transcriptionist

    $18/hr Starting at $80

    over 11 years experience typing therapist notes, psychiatrist notes and reports. I have a good bit of experience with different accents. I have worked for psychiatrists and therapists in a behavioral...

  • Data Entry

    $15/hr Starting at $70

    Very detail oriented in entering data into specific forms and/or formats. Utilized in various administrative jobs, as well as work for the Census Bureau entering the information from the mailed in paperwork...


Pride in accuracy. Obsessed with correct grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, both written and verbal.

Work Terms

On Eastern Time Zone, but I am a night owl with no job right now, so bring it on. I prefer communication by email please. I check email often and will respond quickly and would desire the same in return.

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