Elle Niemiec

Wallington, New Jersey, United States

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Elle Niemiec

I am an individual of many interests, from art to law to writing to psychology. With intense ambition and an entrepreneurial mind, I am always looking for projects that will put my skills to use.

I most pride myself in my writing skill, often receiving praise for my work and style. Aside from hundreds of A+ essays I have written throughout high school and college, I also write articles and texts in my spare time. These include a wide variety of topics, including modern-day societal issues and aspects of the field of psychology. In addition to essays and articles, I also write stories. Not only do I like to share my opinion or facts, but I also write to entertain. I am currently writing a fiction mystery book, with another two in the works.

Moving forward from what I write, I would also like to mention my passion for marketing. I started my own brand in 2015, gaining a following of almost 15,000 people on no budget: this means no advertising and no sponsors. My sole determination enabled me to gain the success I have obtained thus far, and every day I continue to work harder to grow my brand. Now, we have a website, are able to sponsor others, and will soon be selling merchandise. I know how to appeal to my audience, providing them with the information they need and want, and always maintaining communication with them to ensure they are satisfied.

I felt that this was important to mention when offering my work in regards to writing for a few reasons. Primarily, it is proof of my ability to observe who my audience is, and from there determine how I will promote my brand effectively. This is significant in terms of promotional writing.

I aspire to combine my skills with my passion whenever possible. When presented the opportunity to help others by putting one of my best skills to use, I am quick to jump on it.

Work Terms

Contact: elleniemiec@gmail.com. You may send me an e-mail any time any day and I will generally respond within 24 hours.