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  • electronics designer

    $25/hr Starting at $70 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Hardware desgin : Analog Circuits Digital Circuits Multilyers PCB layout   Circuit Anlysis : micristrip Antenna simulation (HFSS) reverse engineering theortical Anlysis i will test circuit in the lab...

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PCB Designer

I have been working as a hardware developer for 5 years.
?Expert in PCB Design up to 6 layers,qualified in electronics design with experience in the development of electronics devices. Experience in( Power electronics, SMPS, Led Drivers, andpower control) Passionate about designing an electronics system that involves analog and digital components with power electronics. I will take the responsibility to find a solution for your complex circuit PCB is my passion and my Hoppy.

PCB design and Electronics is my passion so I will do my best to make the design that means: Designing sequence:

1. Electrical calculation for your design
2. Simulation for every Block (circuit)
3. Make the schemes
4. Make the prototype in Egypt (prototype1) to test the schemes
5. After passing the test making the high-quality prototype (prototype2) and order it for you
6. Generate BOM, Gerber, ETC
Payment system :
You will make 3 milestones:
1- the minimum fees and release them after winning the bid
2- after receiving video prove work of prototype 1
3- after receiving the final prototype 2
notices :
1. Your modification is welcomed
3. I will help you with your whole project
4. I will be honest with you if the project can be done or not
5. I will reverse the design of your competitors
✔️ I'm an Expert in PCB Design UP to 6 layers with:
1. Kicad
2. EsayEDA
3. Altium
4. Eagle
5. proteus
✔️ I have experience in:
1. Hardware design:
2. Analog Circuits
3. Digital Circuits
4. Multilayers PCB layout
✔️ Circuit Analysis:
1. microstrip Antenna simulation (HFSS)
2. reverse engineering
3. theoretical Analysis
✔️ Simulation:
1. Multisim
2. circuit wizard
3. proteus
✅ Others Experience:
✅ lecturer, I have taught several courses:
✅ writing :
1. Technical articles &blogs about Electronics

✔️ I had implemented lots of projects (All of below tested and worked well):
1. ESP8622 as a HUB for other ESP modules
2. Blynk APP
3. timers for transient and long time
4. voltage protect

Work Terms

20 hr/ week