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  • Mfg. Engineer, CAD Modeling

    $5/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Manufacturing Engineer (E.I.T.) looking for work in (including but not limited to) CAD modeling or concept design for manufacturing, prototyping, and game development. Experience with PTC Creo, Microsoft...

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In the business of solving problems.

Native to North Dakota, I attended NDSU from 2008-2013. Enthralled with its problem solving nature, I decided to study Manufacturing Engineering in 2009, I began gathering knowledge and experience working in all aspects of the field, from concept design to fabrication, as well as business design.

In the year prior to my graduation in December 2013, I worked extensively (in a team of six) to develop, design, build and test a prototype for Ion Exchange Chromatography filter packaging.

After graduation instead of looking for a job like the rest of my classmates, I decided to begin work on starting my own businesses. I had aspirations of starting a prototyping/R&D company to work on some of my personal inventions and ideas. This evolved into working on a more creative project in game development, which would eventually become my company, Fortuneless Studios, LLC.

Right around this time, in 2014, I received an offer to work as a Quality Engineer for the Fortune 100 company, John Deere.

After 9 months with this company, I parted on good terms with the intent to focus on Fortuneless Studios, LLC.

While I enjoy working on game development everyday, I still miss the problem solving aspect of engineering work, which was the whole reason I got into Manufacturing engineering in the first place.

I have extensive knowledge with PTC Creo including part design, assemblies, and engineering drawings. I also have a small home shop for potential prototype fabrication (depending on complexity).

Work Terms

Hours: E-mail 24/7, availability depends on workload (40 hr/wk)
Payment Terms: No project is created equal. Pay can be negotiated. General estimation for wage/hr:
Large Scale - $25+, (Full scope design, many models/drawings, fabrications or long term projects).
Mid-range - $15-$25, (Simple device, a few parts, or short term projects).
Small Scale, $10. (Simple design, consultation, or individual parts/models)

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