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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

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Ethan jacobs

Tailor-made text, punctual proofreading, and to-the-tee translations.

You’re looking to contract a writer. You need someone capable of lighting up a page with wording that sizzles and pops before a reader’s eyes like multi-character lardons in a word processing skillet. By the same token-- you want value for your money. Nobody enjoys forking over valuable capital in exchange for haphazardly completed final project, nor do they want to work with someone who lacks the chops, punctuality or professionalism to adequately complete a job on a consistent basis. I think I can be of service to you.

A graduate from Boston College’s college of Arts and Sciences, I hold a degree in Philosophy with a minor in Economics. My professional writing experience spans over six years and ranges in roles from editing for grammar and tweaking wording in scholarly articles and academic term papers to providing resume critiques and cover letter composition workshops. Beyond this, I have drafted speeches as well as research-intensive summaries and reports for consulting firms and even post blogs and write-ups of my own when I find a few spare moments.

In writing, I make a concerted effort to condense complex issues in a way that readers can digest with ease. I’m deadline-driven and always try my best to make myself amenable to the needs of those with whom I work. I see that you’re still reading this, which means you’re either engrossed or unconvinced. If it’s the latter, regrettably, we probably won’t make good business associates. If it’s the former, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work!

Work Terms

My work terms are generally pretty flexible, and vary from project to project. I certainly do my best to respect the needs of each client with whom I engage, which often manifests itself in unique hours of availability, and means of communication. Most often, I prefer to communicate via email, as its the means that is most often at my disposal, though video conferencing via Skype is also an option in some instances.