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    Examiners Edge: Expert Former US Patent Examiners from the USPTO! Question? What is the BEST way to choose a Patent Professional? Answer: Easy, just ask ... "How many actual US patents have YOU issued?"...

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Checkmate the (PATENT) competition

A multidisciplinary team of specialized patent professionals who help senior company leaders of USA and International corporations protect their business profits and checkmate their competition through strategic and tactical leverage of the US patent system.

Products include expert patent search, patent research, patent application drafting, patent prosecution, as well as sophisticated competitor influence strategies. The founder is a USA Registered Patent Agent and battle-tested former US Patent Examiner who successfully prosecuted over 500 patent applications.

Founded: 2010

Meet the Team

  • Gary ONeill

    Gary ONeill

    Managing Director

  • Examiners Edge

    Examiners Edge

    Checkmate the Competition

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