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  • Mike_Jones2 · Apr 23, 2005

    I'm not sure I can put my happiness into words, but I'll try. I only put small details of my project up for bidding, I gave a vision more than details. Once the project went online, Adrian with sent me a bid early that same day. I then give him 10 points I'd like to see addressed, things I didn't like about my current site, and told him a direction I'd like to go. He replied back quickly that he would soon talk to me via Yahoo Messenger and we'd hammer out the points one by one. Once we got connected to one another via YM, it was like old business partners meeting after years of being apart. We came to a meeting of the mind on every single point. When someone repeats to you what they hear from you, it reconfirms the direction and that was helpful. Adrian has such a deep set of websites to show you, when he explains a certain modification, he's got 4 or 5 sites as examples just on that one issue your discussing. I really had a vision of the exact look I'd end up with before locking him in with the project. It wasn't just talk in general, this guy locked me in by telling me what my end product would be and gave me the vision of what it would look like. As we covered each point, he took my feedback from the links and our discussion and refined it into what he thought would be best. After we closed the points, I told him I felt comfortable letting him control the entire direction from that point on. It seemed like he gave me an update every 3 to 4 hours, and I had requested that kind of communication early on. He shot me pics of early graphics and was very happy to move a few things around for me. His last night on the project, the 2nd night, he was up to 3AM his time hammering out the last line of code. This guy is so good, that I'll secure projects directly with him only through instead of opening it up for bids. I got a reading that if I had hated everything he did, he would have started over from scratch how many ever times it took to make me happy. This guy prides himself in getting you the project you asked for. Someone else commented that he went above and beyond what was asked for, I agree with that feedback 100%. He really worked overtime on my search engine optimization and made the website load twice as fast. Here is my new website: Old website before Adrian:

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  • mediatorlarry · Apr 17, 2005

    I had the absolute pleasure of working with Adrian at Design General recently. In every regard, he vastly exceeded my expectations. He was extremely knowledgable technically (my project involved some asp programming as well as several other website development skills), but Adrian has the rare gift of also having a great sense of aesthetics and design as well. I was most impressed, however, by his perfectionism and willingness to suggest and craft refinements -- even beyond the project's original scope -- and without any expectation of additional fees. (I feel like I received far more work from him than my project cost suggests!) Adrian was prompt and persistent to the project's conclusion and responded immediately to my questions as the project progressed. I recommend him absolutely enthusiastically and without reservation. Hire him while you can!

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  • g28dman · Mar 28, 2005

    Great team! Quick work and put up with my over bearing questions. Highly Recomend!

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