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Total Feedback Received: 75

  • Leigh 38 · Jun 16, 2024

    Firn has been awesome, as always. Nothing is too much trouble, and she has excellent knowledge and writing skills. Communication is wonderful. Another welcome opportunity to work with Firn.

    for Ghostwriter for Romance Short Stories

  • Jennifer 149 · Nov 01, 2023

    I really appreciate Firn - she's an excellent writer, and has a wonderful knack for storytelling. Thank you, Firn for the work you do, and the awesome books you've produced!

    for Mail Order Bride & Amish Stories

  • Leigh 38 · Oct 12, 2023

    Firn always delivers over and above my expectations. She is extremely creative and a brilliant writer. Thanks, as always, Firn :)

    for Ghostwriter for Romance Short Stories

  • Glenda 14 · May 02, 2023

    Thank you Firn! Look forward to working more with you.

    for Clean Historical Fiction Writers

  • Swift Readers · Mar 04, 2023

    As always. Very satisfied with her work! Took longer than I had hoped, but always comes through with great work! I trust Firn to provide great written and editorial work. thx

    for Klondikebars (Dallas)

  • Swift Readers · Feb 28, 2023

    Hello Firn, I just did a partial payment for you as I am still going through your work. All looks well. Will pay the rest shortly. Please just give a few more days for payment on the rest of the invoice. Please add a week if you can. Probably be sooner, but for Guru purposes just add 7 days. thx Daniel

    for Klondikebars (Dallas)

  • Leigh 38 · Feb 04, 2023

    Another wonderful opportunity to work with Firn, which is always amazing! I know I'm going to get excellent writing and communication every time. Thanks so much Firn!

    for Ghostwriter for Romance Short Stories

  • Swift Readers · Jan 18, 2023

    Great Ghostwriter! Great person. She is gem to work with. I am very satisfied with her work.

    for Klondikebars (Dallas)

  • Jennifer 149 · Dec 15, 2022

    I truly enjoy working with Firn and appreciate her willingness to make any changes I may ask for. She's a wonderfully expressive writer, very talented. I'm always delighted with the stories she produces. Thank you, Firn!

    for Mail Order Bride & Amish Stories

  • Leigh 38 · Oct 12, 2022

    I can't thank Firn enough for her amazing writing on this latest series. She is absolutely top notch at creating characters that draw a reader in and storylines that are exciting and heartfelt. She is always wonderful to work with, communication is effortless and nothing is too much trouble. I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity of working with Firn and look forward to enjoying more fun projects in the future!

    for Ghostwriter for Romance Short Stories

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