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  • Chinese Language
  • Economics
  • English Language
  • French Language
  • International
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Writing
  • Yoga



As a hardworking and outstanding student, ease and willingness to learn, I
broadened my vision and knowledge about the Energy problems and solutions as part of my passion and major related topic.
Nevertheless, I am a constant learner, love adventures and more interested in interdisciplinary education. Indeed, I do believe strongly that everything should be connected so I spend a lot of my free time taking online classes about economics, language, self-development, entrepreneurship, psychology and so on.
I had the chance to share my experiences and works in many seminar and took part to some writing and experience sharing competitions.
Besides the academic world I have developed some good interpersonal relationship skills, leadership, responsibility, creativity, management and team-working as well as independent working capabilities.
In order to achieve that I joined some clubs such as International Toastmasters (I am still an active leader in the club), Ananda Maria Yoga club... I travelled a lot and always love and dare meeting strangers.
I am highly motivated to offer to you my services.