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  • Academic Writing and Research

    $25/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Excellent writer, editor, researcher. I have been writing highly graded academic essays (1,500-7,500 words) for 15 years. Clear academic prose for your essays, papers, journal articles, university theses,...

    Academic EditingAcademic ResearchAcademic WritingBook WritingEducational Writing
  • Editing and Proofreading

    $25/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I'm currently Lead Editor for an American website (September 2020-). I'm polite, clear, communicative, professional, and nice! I respect deadlines and always make them. Whether you hire me as an editor,...

    Academic EditingBook EditingCopyeditingEditingLine Editing
  • Blogs and Copywriting

    $25/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    If you're looking for someone to write SEO-optimized articles to increase your website's position on the Google search rankings, LOOK NO MORE!! I have 8 months' experience as a copywriter for an American...

    Advertising CopyArticle MarketingBlog WritingContent MarketingContent Marketing Writing


Talented writer/editor (ENG) with extensive sales experience seeking fresh challenges. Trust me to help perfect your written project and/or grow your online business!

Raised without a TV at home, I spent my childhood devouring books. This built on my natural talent for language and writing.

I did all my primary and secondary school education (elementary, junior, and high school) in English-language schools.

I have a:
1. History (BA) (2008-11) [2010-11 King's College, London]
2. Politics and International Relations (MA) (2013-9). [2014 University of Oxford]

I worked as a:
1. Telephone salesman (2007-8)
2. Door-to-door salesman (2012)
3. Tour salesman (2013-2020)
to finance my studies.

At my last employment (3), I maintained a sales average of ~50%, which was the highest in my team. I trained several colleagues into becoming top salesmen by sharing my secrets with them.

I have written:
1. Poems (which I have read out in public at cultural events)
2. Dozens of historical, political, and philosophical essays (2008-15)
3. A 246-page Master's thesis (more like a book) (2018-9)
4. Short 2,000-word articles an American website (2020-1)

This ongoing role includes:
1. Managing a team of 3 as Lead Editor
2. Editing article drafts into the website's casual American English style
3. Formatting them to HTML/CSS if necessary, adding hyperlinks
4. Selecting photos from Adobe stock, purchasing them, editing them using Affinity Photo, and attaching them to the articles for publication
5. Social Media Marketing - indexing articles with short snippets on the site's Facebook Page

My advanced command of written English, coupled with my extensive sales experience, make me an ideal pick for a copywriting role such as the one I've been exercising as Guest Writer since June 2020.

Recently I also learned a smattering of HTML and CSS, so I can translate your written text into a tasteful website for your business.

Work Terms

I am a self-disciplined, self-motivated professional. I am a self-starter and work well and dynamically. I enjoy meeting and working with clients through Guru and place customer satisfaction as a top priority!

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