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    British ex-pat in CA. Has written several stage plays (two of which have been staged to great success), a novel and a well-received roleplay game. Previously edited several magazines. An award-winning...

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Writer, actor, quizmaster, comedian, novelist,murder event writer, awesome strange cool dude.

I'm a Brit ex-pat now living in CA.

You can see a travel blog of mine from Ghana at An earlier version of this (without photos) got over 7000 views on the Conquerclub forum, and stirred up quite a lot of interest on maplewoodonline.

My stage plays tend to be clean, noisy, and interactive.

My murder evenings usually feature all the guests as suspects, and have more red herrings than a sunburned fish factory.

My stand - up comedy is clean(ish).

On the writing site Comedywire I've had over a thousand votes for my material.

My obsessions are Sherlock Holmes, King Arthur, food, and science fiction. I have a smattering (sub-conversational) of various languages.

As an actor I have mainly appeared on stage, but have been in a few movies, one of which won a number of awards, including "Outstanding Acting" and a Judge's "Best movie" award at the Scary Cow Festival and "Best Drama" at the Superman Appreciation festival.

I have had little opportunity to indulge in roleplay lately, either tabletop or live-action, but have been involved in that sort of thing since about 1980.

I've attached a couple of episodes of a vlog from 2012, and extracts from a play or two so that you can see some examples of my style of humor. You can see the short movie "As Seen on TV" here:

Also attached: There's also a Huffington Post article about my play "Wotcha! Gotcha!" and a little bit of my roleplay writing.

My novel "The Dragon's Run", a much less family-friendly work, is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and you can read an extract online. You can also get my play "Arrrr!" there, and read an extract.

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