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  • User Interface Designer

    $21/hr Starting at $50

    Beautiful, Simple, Intuitive, Easy to Use Interfaces for mobile and the web .

    User Interface Design


I remember taking playdough and forming it into a joysticks as a kid,
forming it to the shape of my little 8 year old hands,
planning out where the triggers and buttons should go.

My family would regularly visit New York for vacation, and back when
we could still take a look in the cockpit I would always think:
"there has to be a better way to do the layout."

Film editing carries the stream of consciousness of the viewer.
Editing itself does not create the story - it curates the story
It focuses on how the story is told.
In the same way, user interface does not write copy, take pictures or film movies-
it focus how how to deliver the content for users in a way that is
intuitive, beautiful, and delightful for people to use.

Psychology is the foundation of brilliant user experience- because when you understand
how people think and how people feel, why we think what we thing and why we feel what we feel
- you have powerful tools of insight to hit the nail on the head of curating perfect experiences.

Interfaces are something I’ve always cared about.
I love working in a field that I care about and have a natural talent for.
Having years of film editing experience gives me a unique and valuable perspective in how to tell visual stories of your interfaces.
Understanding the psychology of how and why people think and feel gives me powerful tools of insight to curate perfect user experiences.
Im skilled and comfortable with the UI design tools Sketch, Craft, and InVision and am actually working with InVision to test new design software for prototyping.

Work Terms

40 hour weeks

Pay 33% upfront, 33% 1st prototype, 33% completion

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