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  • Apache
  • Linux
  • OpenVPN
  • Postfix
  • Unix
  • Xen


  • Fireman sysadmin intervention

    $50/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Your mail queue refuses to get empty ? I've been working on large network running UNIX and Linux servers for several years and can probably help you in solving your problems. I'm especially good in urgent...



Sysadmin, software engineerer, security expert ... i've never been able to make a choice between that 3 domains... so i assume to keep working on all of it ;-)

I've been working since 2003.
I began as a L1 & L2 support engineer ... but during that job, i wrote a patch for qmail mailer in emergency after our system engineer team updated the whole production with a bogus version of qmail that broke virtual domain hosting...

After that, i moved to a security company and worked on the conception of an "all in one" appliance for small business that would cover every security topics: stream (http/smtp/pop3) antivirus, filtering transparent web proxy, IPSEC gateway, etc... Nice project based on Debian Linux.

After about 2 years, i moved to a company editing a security HTTP reverse proxy and worked on developing modules for Apache webserver using its C API.

Many many years, job and companies later, i'm now a software engineer with a system architect cap and security expert cap for a international company who edit a middleware solution for set-top-box.

Work Terms

Depending on rate hour, i can work on every time of day and night.
I prefer being contacted by email first.
For real emergency, contact me by phone.

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