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  • Researcher, Academic Writer, Editor-PhD

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    Dedicated Resource

    I’m a former psychologist with a PhD in cognitive neuroscience. For several years I conducted my own research and participated in several other projects (in basic and translational science) which are...

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Psychology and Neuroscience Writer and Editor

I've been always passionate about the beauty of life in its various forms and especially intrigued by the mysteries of the human mind. In these sense my interest in psychology, neuroscience and, lately, in yoga and mindfulness had unfold naturally.
I’m a former psychologist with a PhD in cognitive neuroscience. Throughout the years, I've aquired strong background as a researcher, having participated in innovative research projects in the field of decision-making, conscious/unconscious action-monitoring and mood disorders ( published in several articles in well-known peer-reviewed journals). I’ve also lectured in many seminars, conferences and MSc programs and served the scientific community as an ad-hoc reviewer.
Besides my career as a neuroscientist, I’m also a certified Yoga Teacher. In fact, during the last 4 years I have traveled many times to Asia to study Yoga from different traditions and to nurture my passion for experiencing new cultures, different ways of life and systems of thinking. During these very last years I’ve enrolled in few volunteering programs involving teaching. And at the present moment I’m trying to combine my freelance writing activities with my passion and devotion to share with others (more hand-to-hand) the benefits that the practice of yoga and mindfulness have brought to my life - volunteering and giving open classes and workshops on donation basis.
I’m a highly motivated and enthusiastic person, always receptive and positive. I’m quite autonomous with my own projects, but always keen to collaborate with others and embrace new challenges. Worth mentioning that I’m a quite avid reader, with the capacity of keeping track of the trendiest topics with enthusiasm, open mind and insight.
Overall, I try to enjoy life through my passions for writing, research, travelling and wellness (yoga and mindfulness), while cultivating positivity, humbleness and love.