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    $80/hr Starting at $4K Ongoing

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    Design Philosophy: Timber, Steel, masonry and fibre reinforced concretes a simple palette of materials. If you have a project to create an interesting sculptural space which may be a pergola or trellis,...



Freeform Sculptural / built form for your project combining decks, trellis, pavilion and hard landscaping.

I am a Builder / Architect who has built and designed over 120 timber pavilions, the largest are over two stories with free form roofs and shapes. These are excellent additions to areas which need a focus or lift.

Working with timber poles, steel brackets and masonry, with free form retaining walls simple though elegant sculptures can be created. Alvar Alto, Utzon and Frank Lloyd Wright understood that good design responds to nature and natural forms.

The author has worked for renowned architects and was the project architect on the Billabong founders house at Angourie NSW. Incorporating 4 conical roofs and copper cladding this sculptural building has been recognised as a masterpiece of freeform architectural design. The conical shell was created out of a plywood sheathed steel frame. How many original peoples used conical shapes and freeforms, Stone Henge, African villagers, Pacific Villagers, Australian Murray River Aboriginals, the native Americans.

The world was not meant to be so angular and barren. Living walls and hard landscaping that encourages planting to augment the architecture and landscaping components.

Send me your brief, if you have access to rammed earth, mud brick, raw sawn timbers, natural stone then these may be incorporated into the project.

If you have access to a particular steel source this may be considered in the design.

Hope to be challenged and explore all possibilities, please contact me for a quote.

Work Terms

I would describe the materials and approach after receiving a brief outline. I would need a few pictures and basic survey with some idea of the skills of the procurement team. I would then do a hand sketch for comment and approval, cost $260.00 When and if approved I would undertake some detailed work to better describe the building and erection of the project, depending on the size or allow around 10% of the budget for the design. If the if was a requirement for a structural engineer, that would be excluded from the design price. Documentation would be through digital media, photos of a small model.

Hope you are inspired and looking for an exciting proposal!

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