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  • Copywriter, Editor, Writer,

    $20/hr Starting at $100

    Predominantly focused on legal, medical, business, political, or foreign policy related topics for US-based audiences. Native english speaker, with graduate school background, writing, and research skills...

    Article EditingArticle RewritingArticle WritingContent WritingCopywriting


Creative and authoritative digital content production and writing, typically performing best in the legal or political related topic genres

writers or editors, specifically those capable of handling higher level academic, legal, governmental, or medical topic areas. Conservatively, I have ghost-written no less than 10,000+ law-related articles for the internet alone. My rates are flexible pending volume, however, $15 to $20 per 500 words is my default offer to employers.

I have significant experience in the private sector relating to entrepreneurship and conducting business in the digital age. In 2005, I was accepted to the Kelley School of Business in Indiana University, took three semesters of coursework, and eventually dropped out to take a job at an internet startup company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Over time, I eventually formed my own companies in this industry in 2008, which included managing some 20 full-time employees and dozens of other irregular independent contractors as we collaborated on projects ranging from online content publishing, website development, website design, social media presence proliferation, and online shopping carts for ecommerce vendors of services and goods. Given that it was essentially a startup itself, we did not shy away from traditional print and advertising media projects as well.

At this time, I am simply seeking to reestablish myself in the online industry by way of simple content writing contracts, as I neglected work online in favor of academics since perhaps 2012. My prior content writing experience includes significant work with Moxy Media, Internet Brands,, Paperstreet Marketing, WebLadyBug, and other primarily South Florida-based small businesses. Typical content areas included disciplines of law, medical law, politics, client-focused marketing articles, and a plethora of eclectic projects ranging from traditional advertising copy for a local racetrack and casino to news report writing on local, state, national, and international news, generally with a political-legal slant, however, not exclusively.

Work Terms

If my resume and cover letter appear to present your company with a potential employment or contractor opportunity, I would love to discuss anything further. Feel free to contact myself via email, and I will happily provide any documentation or further information that your company may require. Attached includes a formal resume, as well as a variegated mixture of writing samples.

Thank you for your time and interest in my writing.

Gregory Cohoat
Skype: 317.708.3502
Slovenia: +386 51 779 353
Croatia: n/a
Permanent Residence: 6710 Crimson King Court Indianapolis, Indiana 46256
Current Residence: Rimska Cesta 7 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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