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  • Ada
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  • Consulting
  • Cryptography
  • English Language
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  • Haskell
  • Linux
  • Lisp (List Processing)
  • Pki
  • Python
  • Qt
  • R
  • Security

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  • Cryptography and Security Consultant

    $325/hr Starting at $1K Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I am an independent IT-security consultant. The consulting services I offer include: - Auditing of existing cryptographic infrastructure Focussing on this highly specialized field, I am able to deliver...

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Cryptography Consultant

My Background:

After having started to program in C++ around 2002, i started working in the domain of software development in 2003.

Most of my earlier projects were for high-energy physics research, laying the groundwork for my analytical skills and attention to details as well as the capacity to handle and modify large ammounts of data.

Over time and at first only out of curiosity I gradually switched towards security related areas such as reversing, penetration testing and of course cryptography. Several years later, by the time the global eavesdropping programs of many secret services around the world were revealed, I decided to focus on consulting for cryptography and other information-hiding approaches as my main area of expertise.

Work Terms

Standard are 8 hours of work per day, with up to 10 possible without overtime surcharge in cases of emergency.

I am willing to work at my clients location if it is in the EU or Switzerland.
For other locations, please contact me first.