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    $8/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

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    Hello ,my name is Gustavo Juber, i'm an experienced photographer, work in this area ( social photo - ) to at least 8 years. Even before being daily involved with photography...

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Hi There! Well, my bio is that i work with photography since I was 18 ( I was born in 1989) started with image processing and now have my own company of photography (but as everyone knows we are in crisis on here, so i comeback to imagem processing YEAY! hahah). I worked in large companies with great photographers here in my city, Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil . I worked early with Lightroom and Photoshop thus covering a large technical experience and also tasteful. I did courses and many (thousands) of works with image processing .Today my life is my cats, my dog ??, a cafe , a guitar , a trip , several climbing (!!!!!) and much peace . I am a quiet person who likes to listen and understand other people and I'm sure that this is reflected (a lot) in my work. I hope you take a look at social networks and if you want to just get in touch , will be a pleasure to talk to you . =)

Work Terms

* I work basicaly 32 hours/weak (but we cant talk about it iff you need my help =) )
* My system of comunication is: Facebook and Watsapp - (I have e-mail and skype but i don't use like Wtsapp and facebook, srry)
* I love climbing (you need to know because i climb 3 days/weak - Tuesday, wednesday and thursday - but relax, is just in the morning =P )
* I love coffee, guitar and music (OMG this 3 things);
* I have 01 dog and 02 cat's, their name's are: Zoey (dog), Gato (cat 01) and Gato Loco (cat 02);
* I don't live in a place that is warm all the time (i live in the south of brazil - Caxias do Sul)

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