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  • Luca 30 · Feb 19, 2023

    He was fast and kind, a pleasure to work with him

    for Page design and colors tuning

  • AE1099 · Nov 27, 2022

    HamZa is an EXCELLENT Designer; exceptional! Our only problem with him is, his English is a challenge; however, because he has the right attitude, we continue to work with him. He's extremely talented; if only his English were minimally good; we could, would, do much more projects with him; nevertheless, we give him 'thumbs up'! His design talent is refreshing! Thank you HamZa! :-)

    for Graphics Designer NEEDED!

  • AE1099 · Jun 14, 2022

    Hamza is a GENIUS in Graphic Design. More importantly, he extends EXCELLENT service; he stands by his work. ANYONE and EVERYONE on and beyond MUST give him the chance to demonstrate his EXCEPTIONAL talent in Graphics. He is AMAZING!

    for Graphics Designer NEEDED!

  • AE1099 · Jan 06, 2021

    Mr. H. Javed is extremely talented, polite, and professional! EXCELLENT results! Mr. Hamza Javed has a great attitude. He is able to service English speaking clients, well. I recommend him highly to businesses, companies, in the USA.

    for Graphics Designer NEEDED!

  • AE1099 · Jun 25, 2020

    Mr. Hamza Javed is talented. He has the capability to render a quality finished product. Yes, CORRECT! His English comprehension is poor! I had to explain simple instructions to him at least six (6) times; not good! :( Nevertheless, once he comprehended, he produced a TERRIFIC Logo. He deserves accolades for having developed a quality finished product for an excellent price. Mr, Javed, work on your English comprehension. In so doing, you will advance your career, FACT!

    for Graphics Designer NEEDED!