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  • C++
  • English Language
  • English Teacher
  • Marketing


  • Content writer, programmer, teacher

    $12/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Hey there everyone! Just wanted to tell you all i can code in c,c++ can become your content writer or your online english teacher or your organic social media marketeer so if you have any queries regarding...

    C++English LanguageEnglish TeacherMarketing


Nothing is gonna come between our deal not even my gf!

Not gonna waste your time by making you read my freakin fat-ass bio just have to tell you that im a college student and gotta pay my fees by making some money from here so your project is gonna be mine and i'll do it with all my heart . Thankyou!

Work Terms

Dont have any specific working hours contact me whenever you feels like.