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  • Marvin_Blaine · Apr 29, 2022

    Harnek does Amazing work. I have had a lot of different product projects done by Harnek and he has got everyone of them looking like the product is sitting on a store shelve. He is a great communicator as well as a designer.

    for Expandable Saute Pan With LId

  • Marvin_Blaine · Apr 04, 2022

    Harnek is The Best on here at Guru. I have worked with Harnek on a large amount of projects here and he has always exceeded my expectations.

    for Ex-Pand Pot

  • Marvin_Blaine · Jan 21, 2022

    If your looking for some who is always there for your questions, concerns and engineering your product Harnek is the one your looking for. I have hired Harnek around 20 times now and never disappointed. Thank You Harnek! Marvin

    for Magic Pan

  • Marvin_Blaine · Jan 10, 2022

    Harnek is Exceptional at what he does. Never disappointed! I have hired him numerous times and love all the outcomes of seeing my products come to life.

    for Magic Pan

  • Marvin_Blaine · Dec 02, 2021

    Always a pleasure to work with Harnek on my projects. Always Happy to see my vision come alive. Harnek you are a master at what you do. A million thank you (s) Marvin

    for Egg Scrambler Cracker

  • Marvin_Blaine · Nov 13, 2021

    Amazing work Harnek! I love seeing my ideas come to life through your magic, skills and knowledge to make them a reality. New idea coming your way in the next few minutes. Big Thank You, Marvin

    for LiftOff

  • Marvin_Blaine · Nov 05, 2021

    I can't say enough Great things about Harnek. He's patient, kind, carrying and completes the job to your specifications as well as a reliable source as to input on engineering. I believe Harnek and I have now worked on about 15 projects together maybe more and I always get to see my vision come to life every single time. Much respect Harnek. Thank You once again. Marvin

    for FryNDry

  • Marvin_Blaine · Nov 01, 2021

    Thank you so much Harnek for your exceptional work. I have a few more for you.

    for Pop Star

  • Norman 64 · Sep 30, 2021

    Once again Harnek has exceeded expectations. He has done 3 models for me to date, all part of the same project. These were difficult models to execute, given he had to work from low resolution photos of Terriers in various poses. We had to go through a few revisions to the artwork, which he did well and in a timely manner. He has been very courteous in all our communications, and seemed to share the same interest as myself in getting it "just right" for the end customer. I highly recommend Harnek, and it is my sincere hope to send more work his way in the future.

    for 3D model needed. STL format. Dogs.

  • Norman 64 · Sep 14, 2021

    After hiring 2 other freelancers for this job, in Harnek I finally found the "artist" I was looking for. Needing only some very minor revisions to the artwork from the first submitted rendering, he accomplished, with the expertise required, a stunning image. Keep in mind, this work was produced from a low resolution photograph. It is difficult here on GURU. Many folks bid this job, all essentially saying the same thing, " I can do this work." "i am professional, this is within my expertise". How to judge? Harnek will be doing more work for me in the immediate future. Other jobs, which are in the quote stage, I will look no further than Harnek to do the work. A note to others....the other freelancers I hired demanded full payment when not actually accomplishing the job. I was threatened, ridiculed, blamed for their lack of skills. I expressed my concerns to Harnek and I split the job into 4 milestones. He accepted, and most importantly, he delivered! I highly recommend Harnek.

    for 3D model needed. STL format. Dogs.

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