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    I am a native Malay speaker. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpretation. I specialise in translating from English to Malay.

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English to Malay Translator

As a kid, when other kids were thinking of being teachers, doctors and other glamorous and normal jobs that children were always exposed to, I said to my teacher that I wanted to be an interpreter. I was met with a blank stare and the she asked, 'what is that?'. So I explained it to her and she dutifully jot it down in my student's information card. Each year, in primary school it will be there along with two other jobs which were always changing.
Fast forward to public university application - in Malaysia, public university application is centralized at the Ministry of Education and we were allowed to choose up to 8 majors from various universities-, after listing down accounting (which I majored in during my high school years and matriculation) as choice 1-3 (or was it 4?), lo and behold, there in the extensive list of majors, right under Universiti Sains Malaysia, was a major not being offered in other universities, Bachelor of Arts (Translation and Interpretation). Without further thinking, there it was as my 2nd choice of field. The rest was quite hard to choose and was put just to fill up the quota.
Then came the great news. I was accepted into the program. And so began the journey of learning translating with the other awesome translators-to-be for 3 years. By this time, I realized that I could not be an interpreter. I was not able to process sentences quickly, thanks to being such a quiet person from primary school. However, seeing that my writing is quite good, I then dreamed of being a translator.
After graduating in 2006, I did a little translation project. However, after six months, I accepted an offer for an 8-5 office job and my translating dream came to a halt.
After 8 years of working, and the constant nostalgic feeling of working on a translation project, I decided to return to the translating scene part-time.
In October 2017, I finally took the big leap of quitting and became a full-time translator. The best decision I've made with no regrets.

Work Terms

To ensure translation of high standards, I will always check/review my translation work before submitting, preferably after a night's rest. This process is important since reviewing a work shortly after finishing is not good reviewing standards since translating is actually a tiring process and you will still be in the same translating mentality. Reviewing with a fresh mind and eyes will increase the chances of spotting mistakes and coming up with better translations. So, I will always take into account the reviewing time when submitting proposals.

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