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  • JAVA developer

    $23/hr Starting at $230 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    5+ years of JAVA development, mainly implementing business logic (backend side) in JEE field, recently in Spring also. Also did some UI implementation only in GWT. Having knowledge of J2SE, SQL, JPA,...

    DeveloperEjbEnglish LanguageHungarian LanguageJ2se


Currently employed as senior JAVA developer by a multinational company in Budapest, I want to turn to entrepreneurship/free lancer after a gradation transition period.

I started to work as PHP software developer in 2001 and after 7 years i decided to move to JAVA field in 2008, and since then I am on it as a full time employee. Since 2014 may I am looking forward to take smaller after work projects to make a transition from employee to be a full time entrepreneur.

Work Terms

I'm currently on Budapest (CET) time, so after 6 p.m. I'm available. If you prefer to communicate regularly than please take this into your consideration. I want to develop on Mac OSX (as i currently only have a MBP) so if you need special needs for Windows OS than please take this into account. My preferred IDE is IntelliJ IDEA. We can communicate via Skype calls/chat and e-mail.