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  • Bluetooth
  • Electronics
  • PCB Design
  • Ethernet
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Iot
  • Nfc
  • Pcb Layout
  • Radio
  • Schematics
  • Wifi
  • Consultancy
  • Data
  • Electronic Design
  • Firmware

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  • Connectivity and IoT Advice

    $70/hr Starting at $500 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Not sure how to connect your application to the real world? Here at Illysky we love connectivity, so we offer a consultancy to show you ways to get your data moving. We can provide you with reports and...

    BluetoothConsultancyDataElectronic DesignElectronics
  • Electronic Design and Build

    $70/hr Starting at $500 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Take your connectivity needs to the next step. Let us design and build the hardware and software needed for the connectivity of your application. We can provide you with schematic designs, PCB layouts,...

    BluetoothDataElectronic DesignElectronicsEthernet


Based in London, United Kindgom, we at Illysky love to connect things, helping your product idea become part of the Internet of Things : )

Experts in Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi, and long range connectivity. We design and build innovative ways to collect your data and get it from A to B using cutting edge electronics from Texas Instruments, Silicon Labs, Nordic Semiconductor and many others. From low-power wearables and waterproof nearables to smart phones apps and cloud services connecting things is really our thing.

Whatever your application, we'll design and build the electronic hardware and write the firmware or software needed to bring your product to life - from proof of concept to market ready.

To get you started, we offer small batch production services and once you are ready we can help you scale up with our suppliers in China and Europe.

We're looking forward to helping you design your next product!

Dominic, Lead Design Engineer

Founded: 2011

Meet the Team

  • Dominic Moffat

    Dominic Moffat

    Lead Design Engineer

Work Terms

Our work is project based and priced based on complexity. We love our jobs, so we tend to work around the clock to get your projects done, which means we are pretty much contactable 24 hours! So don't be afraid to ask a questions at 3am, if you REALLY need to. ;)

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