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    $13/hr Starting at $500 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Basic and Detail Engineering, Architecture, Appraisals, Special Studies, Geodesic Studies, Economic Evaluation of Pre-Investment Projects, Demand Modeling, Assignment of Technical Specialists for Inspection,...

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Provide technical support to companies in the field of Gas & Oil and Infrastructure for the development of engineering and inspection, operation and maintenance, special studies, geodesic

Visualization Studies: Demand modeling of railway infrastructure project Guarenas Guarenas Guatire, Economic evaluation of railway pre-investment project and foniculares Ciudad Caribia in Caracas, Basic engineering and detail of high complexity projects for the oil industry in Venezuela, Simulation of electrical networks and start-up of poliducto pumps of white products, Inspection of works of infrastructure of production of crude oil and gas in the lake of Maracaibo State Zulia Venezuela, Management of the project of high technology tourist of the cable car of Merida Venezuela, inspection and revision of engineering for expansion of sub electric station of the Punta Gorda generation plant State Zulia Venezuela, Revision of engineering and construction of electric generation plant in Guafita State Apure Venezuela

Work Terms

Our work is charged in American dollars per man hour offered and approved by the clients for the development and application of our service. The works that are carried out in the field will be paid by the client: air transfers, lodging, meals, and internal mobilization logistics. The engineering products will be delivered to the client in digital form and in primitive format with seal and electronic signature of the GIAV Group (Group of Venezuelan Engineers and Architects). Engineers requested in the field will be carried out under the following terms: Provided by the client: Air transportation of technical personnel, lodging, meals, internal mobilization logistics, offices, furniture, work equipment such as pc, laptop, printers, photocopiers, water, personal protection equipment, workshops to induce the area to work, facilities for registering a bank account or cash payments to the GIAV Group. Support for the documentation management in the obtaining of temporary work permits for specific jobs, preparation of access permits to the company's facilities, radios, industrial gases detection equipment, cold work permits.
The works outside our border and in western countries, will have an increase in the price of 8 US dollars above the 13 US dollars per man hour for jobs in Venezuela.
The works outside our border and in eastern countries, will have an increase in the price of 17 US dollars above the 13 US dollars per man hour for jobs in Venezuela.
The payments will be made by percentage of progress of the works assigned for engineering and will be paid 7 days after the delivery of the management report to the client.
Field engineering payments outside our border should be made just 15 days after the work has begun and will be for an amount proportional to the total of the man hours requested for work outside our border.

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