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  • 5G Next Gen Core
  • Analytics
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Freedom to Operate (FTO)
  • H265
  • LTE
  • Market Intelligence
  • Patent Drafting
  • Patent Filing
  • Patent Law
  • Patent Search
  • Patents
  • Prior Art Search
  • Trademark
  • Trademark Consulting

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  • Patent Research & Analytics Consultant

    $25/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Our main services include but not limited to Patentability Search, Invalidity/ Validity Search, FTO search, Patent Summary, Patent Portfolio Analysis, State of the Art, Patent Landscape, Patent Infringement...

    5G Next Gen CoreAnalyticsCompetitor IntelligenceFreedom to Operate (FTO)H265


Innovate, Protect, Monetize

We are a patent research & analytics company which provides end-to-end patent solution. With our technical & legal knowledge and analytical depth, our team at Intricate Research consistently provides cost-effective high-quality patent research and analytics services. Each member of our team at least a decade of experience in patent research & analytics.

Founded: 2019

Work Terms

Hours of Operation - We work round the clock
Payment Terms - 20 days from the date of final deliverable
Preferred communication - eMails & Calls