Ioannis Kalantzis

Athens, Attiki, Greece

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Ioannis Kalantzis

Professional composer, audio engineer and audio restoration specialist. My 18 years expertise deals directly with advanced audio editing techniques, digital signal processing and sound design. Awards:
1997 “Hono­rable ment­ion” II In­ternationa­l Electroa­coustic Mu­sic Contes­t of Sao Paulo (CIME­SP’97 Braz­il).
1998 2nd Pr­ice Nation­al Composi­tion Compe­tition Pap­aioannou (­Athens, Gr­eece)
1999 Final­ist, 2nd I­nternation­al Compute­r Music Co­mpetition ­Pierre Sch­aeffer 199­9 (Pescara­, Italy).
­2001 Final­ist, Inter­national E­lectroacou­stic Music­ Contest A­rt’s 2001 ­(Valencia,­ Spain).
2002 Prix ­Grame/EOC ­Compositio­n Contest ­2002 (Lyon­, France).­
2008 Final­ist 6th El­ectroacous­tic Miniat­ures Inter­national C­ontest (Hu­elva, Anda­lucia, Spa­in)
2015 Winner of the Sonoport Inter­national Sound logo Competition (Singapore)

I had commissions from Athens Concert Hall, the National Centre of Music Creation of France (Grame) and Ministry of Culture of France (commande d'état).

My work has been selected for the official concerts of the International Computer Music Conference ( ICMC’99 Beijing, China ), (ICMC 2001 Havana, Cuba), (ICMC 2003 Singapore), (ICMC 2005 Barcelona, Spain), (ICMC2007 Copenhagen, Denmark), (ICMC 2010 New York USA).

More than 50 concerts worldwide in electroacoustic music scene.