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  • MIDI
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  • Musician
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  • Film or Game Composer

    $10/hr Starting at $50

    I use 11+ years of musical theory and playing experience to compose and produce music (from theme songs, to shorter effects) using Logic Pro. I specialise in using my international experiences in South-East...

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Music Composer for Film or Games

I'm a 21 year old Dutch composer, who uses his university, professional, and international experience to compose in a wide array of styles. I compose in world music, orchestral, hip hop, and minimalist styles.

I'm about to graduate with a Bachelor's in Music from the University of Sussex. I plan to pursue further study with a Masters in Music Composition as well.

My professional experience until now includes:
- Composing the soundtrack to an upcoming documentary by Roc Morin.
- Composing the soundtrack to a school play by the International School of Phnom Penh.
- Composing the music to a film student's short film.

As a person, I would say that I'm determined when I get my mind on something. Many of the tracks on my Soundcloud, for example, are completely passion projects that I started and finished on my own volition, completely by myself.

Work Terms

Since I am still studying, I can not commit myself to a full-time job as of right now. I would say the most I would be able to offer is 4 hours a day, which should still be enough to fully produce a 3-5 minute piece in 3 days.

For payment, I like to finish the work completely including all edits you would like me to do before receiving payment. This is because I place my trust in you as a customer, and would like you to do the same in me and trust in my ability to compose music for you.

Any form of contact is fine for me as long as it is something that has a short response time.

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