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  • .NET
  • Assembly Language
  • C#
  • C++
  • Developer
  • Programming



As a software developer, my goal is to ensure that every piece of work I do is able mutually beneficial. No (hired or hired) has to lose in the programming world. :)

I am a 25 year old software developer who has a strong history in e-commerce sells and competitive gaming industry's. I enjoy what I do, and my language and platform of choice is C#/.NET, however I also enjoy C++ and F#/Python a lot.

I have worked on all types of projects for C#/.NET, from WPF, WinForms, Console Apps, Class Library's, the list goes on. I am always comfortable with the latest .NET version and standards, including things like xamarin/WPF and standard patterns/practices of the current release.

Work Terms

My standard rate is $25/hour, with payment options being flexible based on what is best for you.

Please if possible contact me via Skype for longer chats about details. You can reach me at by both skype or email.

If you prefer a flat fee, I will need to review the project before hand in order to make my best educated guess on how many hours the job will take to finish. At that point, the price will be my estimated time at my standard rate of $25/hour.