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    COPYEDITING Critical look at the structure and flow of the text Fact-check Prevent libel Uphold ethical standards Ensure text flows easily and logically Make certain nothing is missing from the text Trim...

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It is your story, it is my promise, and it is my job to polish your work!

I am a customer-focused freelance copyeditor and proofreader with an exceptional command of the written language and an outstanding eye for detail. I am seeking copyediting and proofreading work with authors, publishers, and other businesses. I have broad experience in copyediting and proofreading several authors’ fiction and non-fiction books this past year and years of experience with business and human resource papers, checking for accuracy by detecting syntax, grammar, and punctuation errors. I also have experience copyediting and proofreading academic essays and other papers. My virtual toolbox contains the Chicago Manual of Style, Merriam-Webster, PerfectIt, several Macros, and the Style Preference sheet required for each project. I am familiar with the Associated Press stylebook. I have the paper versions in case there is no internet.

I enjoy applying continuous workflow improvements using the tools, teamwork, and drive to provide quality products and top-notch customer service. I am the motivated, detail-oriented, problem-solving, customer-attentive, and experienced professional you are looking for.

My love for words and books began at a very young age. I grew up with a mom who ran a licensed daycare for twenty-five years. She read us many books and then taught us crafts and cooking, which involved us learning to read other types of books ourselves. When I became a mom, I did the same with my kids. I was also reading a lot of young adult books and adult novels at a younger age than average just because I couldn't put a book down or get enough of books. Today, I read books as research for my current novel draft and leisurely read my favorite genres.

My hobbies actually include active memberships to the Editorial Freelancers Association (EfA), American Copy Editors Society (ACES), and Romance Writers of America, to name a few. I continually strive to learn to increase my editorial skills and hold several certificates of completion through EfA, ACES, and Ed2go. Adding skills to my toolbox boosts my confidence and builds my clients' trust.

My latest project is fulfilling my long-time dream of writing fiction. This last fall, I started writing one of my story ideas of suspense, fantasy, and mystery through Author Michelle Richmond's Novel Writing class that started in September, and I will continue to finish writing it with her Novel in Nine in 2024, along with participating in her Art of Plot course. These classes will not only help improve my writing but will definitely improve the value of knowing the authors' thoughts and intents as well as story structure, what captivates readers, and more about writing styles that I can apply to my copyedit/proofread work.

My writing is the first thing I do very early each morning with a cup of coffee before the sun rises. Thus, I have plenty of time for my freelance business. I like to juggle anything with words between different projects, so I would really enjoy working for you!

Work Terms

My work schedule is very flexible, and meeting project deadlines is my priority. We can set up ACH payments from your bank and mine. I love using any type of communication method that best fits my client.

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