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    $8/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

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    I'm a native Indonesian speaker, i'm also good at speaking english, and i also learned and speak mandarin a bit. I'm still studying as a college student but i could do some part time job like translating...

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I'll fulfill every tasks that's given to me as best as i could do

I'm a native Indonesian speaker, but i also could speak in English as my second conversational language, and i have learned some basic Chinese conversational words and characters. I'm still studying as a college student, but I could do some online part time jobs to help myself widen my experience and making a little income by myself while i'm having a college life. So feel free to contact me if you have any task that is related to translating or transcribing (only from Indonesian to English or vice versa)

Work Terms

Most of the time i'm free, but i know there will be some tasks from my college too so i could work as I needed it (appointment needed), i don't really care about the wage as long i'm making it myself so i set it at the minimum target which this site has determined